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Friday, December 08, 2006

Meeting Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2006, 4:00-4:45

For Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2006, 4:00-4:45

I. Call to Order
The President will call the meeting to order, noting CTA guidelines for, a) collegial discussion, b) focus on points, c) limiting remarks to three minutes, d) following a, “nobody speaks twice till everybody has had the chance to speak once,” rule.

II. Approval of Minutes
The Minutes for the November 28 meeting will be presented for discussion and approval.

III. Approval of Agenda
The Agenda for today’s discussion of bargaining issues, including, a) Benefits, b) Non-teaching Faculty Evaluation and Accountable Hours, c) Hiring Policy, d) Part-Time Parity, e) Intellectual Property, will be presented for discussion and approval.

IV. Discussion of Negotiating Issues
a) Benefits, focusing on health insurances. The President will offer two statements on i) facts, possibilities and guesses on health insurances; ii) general approaches. Discussions aim at i) members’ interests, ii) members’ concerns, c) members’ rage of solutions.
b) Non-teaching Faculty. Following brief explanations of primary issues (evaluation forms and student evaluation methods, accountable hours, job description), discussion of issues and bargaining approaches follow.
c) Hiring Policy. Presentation of issues, followed by discussion of approaches.
d) Part-Time Parity. Presentation of Issues, followed by discussion of approaches.

V. Committee/Liason Reports
a) Negotiations
b) Grievance
c) Executive Board: request for agenda items for first meeting.
d) Part-Time issues: presentation of mailing for part-time/non-credit faculty.

VI. Hearing of Citizens

VII. Adjournment
a) Discussion of next meeting date.
b) Request for attendance at tonight’s 5:30 Board meeting on District proposals.

R.M. Robertson, President Irma Dagnino, Vice President
Sandy Sher, Secretary Dory Jones, Treasurer
Barbara Gaubeca, Executive Board member at Large


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