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Monday, December 18, 2006

First Executive Board Meeting 12/19/2006

Please find attached/embedded the Agenda for the very first meeting of your Exec Board, which we had on the, "to do," list for this Fall--and please communicate any concerns you might have for us to address; we'll be more than happy to git 'em looked at. I'll ask Sandy to distribute hard copies on Monday, if at all possible.R.M. Robertson

Palo Verde Community College AssociationCTA/CCA
Executive Board
First Meeting: Tuesday, Dec. 19, 1:30 PMCL 213

I. Call to OrderThe President will convene the meeting.

II. Presentation and Approval of AgendaThe Agenda for today’s meeting will be presented for discussion and approval.

III. Discussion of IssuesThe Board will review the issues, concerns and actions of the union in 2006.a) Review of the year’s work to date. 1. Constitutional amendments 2. Committee appointments 3. Treasury 4. Progress of newsletter 5. Progress of negotiations 6. Quality of membership meetings 7. Discussion of members’ issues, concerns, as communicated to Board 8. Part-time outreach: letter concerning pay changes, retro checks for Jan. 1, 2007 9. Potential Grievance Issues 10. Other: COPs?b) Plans for Spring 1. Communication/MOUs with CSEA 2. Communication/MOUs with Academic Senate re: Professional Relations Committee 2. Community Outreach/Relations with Board of Governors 3. Members’ Educational Needs: Spring’s Outside Presenters? 4. Upcoming Conferences 5. Organization of Files 6. Organization of Negotiations Communications 7. Newsletter interests

IV. NegotiationsThe first negotiations session being scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 20, the Board will consider the bargaining unit’s Sunshined proposals/the Board’s response/Member issues.a) Topics for first session: “Housekeeping,” of Contract/preparation of, “clean,” Contractb) Explanation of District proposalsc) Scheduling of future negotiations sessions and general order of businessConsideration of rough schedule for bargaining, and order of bargaining issues:a) Contract cleanup/Insertion of negotiated Intellectual Property/Distance Education side letters.b) Details of Board and District proposalsc) Improvement of evaluation timelinesd) Non-Teaching faculty: evaluation, accountable hours, job descriptions.e) Hiring Policyf) Salary and Benefits. incl. part-time/retirementConsideration of Negotiations Needsa) Clean and final 2004-2007 Contract: in progressb) Examination of 2006 and previous CCFS 311 Reports: in progressc) Availability of up-to-date salary schedule/scattergram/State averages: done, dist. to membersd) State survey of current salaries, benefits, retirement, PT parity: in progress/rough drafte) NT faculty evaluation forms: partially completef) NT faculty: State survey of accountable hours; logs/journals of accountable hours: noneg) Compilation of CTA/CCA approaches to salary: materials in hand, not yet organizedh) “Cost-out,” of membership proposals: in progressi) Preparation of specific hiring policy language: in progress/available in rough drafti) Preparation of specific salary proposals: in progress/rough draftj) Preparation of specific benefits proposals: in progress/rough draftk) Obtaining of further District information: in progressl) Membership education: ongoing, in progress

V. RecommendationsAfter discussions, the Board will decide upon any recommendations to the membership.VI. Adjournment

R.M. Robertson, Association President
Irma Dagnino, Association Vice President
Sandy Sher, Association
Dory Jones, Association Treasurer
Barbara Gaubeca, At-Large Representative


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