Palo Verde College CTA

Monday, February 05, 2007

Agenda for CCA/CTA Meeting
Palo Verde Community College Association
Tuesday, February 6---3:00 PM-4:00 PM
CL 101

I. Call to Order
The President will call the meeting to order, and briefly outline the main topics for today’s meeting: a) negotiations; b) likely renewal rates for health insurances; c) issues concerning job descriptions for faculty; d) member concerns; e) announcements.
II. Approval of Minutes
The Minutes for the December meeting will be presented for discussion and approval.
III. Approval of Agenda
The Agenda for today’s meeting will be presented for discussion and approval.
IV. Report on Negotiations
Mr. Bill Ponder, lead negotiator, will provide a brief outline of progress and issues, together with an updated schedule of meetings and topics for February and March.
V. Discussion of Proposals: Hiring Policy
Major issues in hiring policy include: a) procedures for originating new positions; b) hiring committee composition; c) hiring procedures; d) job descriptions.
VI. Discussion of Issue: Job Descriptions for Faculty
Following a presentation by a representative of Keenan & Associates, the PVC Insurance Committee is considering: a) requiring faculty requesting to drive school vehicles/driving on school business to have updated DMV checks and proofs of insurance; b) writing essential/non-essential physical requirements into faculty job descriptions. Mr. Rich Soto, CSEA President, has been invited to present a position, and to participate in the discussion.
VII. Member Concerns
1. Class sizes, enrollments, and governing contract language.
2. Overload limits and governing contract language.
3. Salary and health care: scheduling workshops/”free-for-all,” discussions?
4. Other.
VIII. Announcements
1. Date of Ray Barney’s next workshop: “Unionism 101: How To Be A Member.”
2. Newsletter publication via PVC website; available forum.
3. Matching fund expenditure of $120. 00 for ASB Christmas fund.
4. Preliminary report from CTA/CCA Winter Advocacy Convention of Feb. 2-4, 2007.
IX. Adjournment

R.M. Robertson, President; Irma Dagnino, Vice President
Sandy Sher, Secretary; Doretha Jones, Treasurer
Dist. via e-mail, Friday, Nov. 3, 2006; Dist. via mailbox, Friday, Nov. 3, 2006


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